July 2020 – Alaska Tribal Spectrum is Born.

Thanks to a grant from the Denali Commission, the Alaska Tribal Spectrum was established as a non-profit consortium to carry out its initial application mission. A website is established combined with massive outreach to offer a greatly simplified ability to reserve 2.5 spectrum for the members across Alaska.

5August 2020 – The FCC 2.5 Application is submitted.

Alaska Tribal Spectrum submitted an FCC 2.5 application for an area covering 85 tribal communities throughout Alaska.

After the license is awarded, the Alaska Tribal Spectrum will manage the spectrum with the input, and to the collective benefit, of all of its tribal members. How the spectrum is applied for use by each member tribe will be controlled by the member tribal leadership. 

December 2020 – USDA Community Connect Grant Application.

In Dec 2020, Alaska Tribal Spectrum applied for a Community Connect Grant for five villages in the Bristol Bay Region to enable 25/3 Broadband. The application included an innovative ATS last mile wireless design. If funded, the 5 villages could be broadband enabled in 2021.