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Completing the application form below will supply the necessary information required for your Tribe to apply to join ATS as a managed member and receive membership benefits.

As an ATS member, your Tribe will be included when ATS submits its large NTIA grant application. This application will request significant NTIA grant funding for last mile wireless infrastructure for your community that leverages your 2.5 GHz spectrum. It will also request significant subsidies for advanced satellite broadband to provide long term service for your community. 

By submitting this online membership application, you are pledging to complete the process for membership, which is accomplished by the passage of a Tribal resolution that affirms your ATS membership agreement, agrees to a spectrum management services agreement for the use of your spectrum, and affirms that your Tribe supports inclusion in the NTIA grant applications. Once you submit your online ATS membership application, ATS will assign a representative to work with you to collect information and answer any questions. However, until the resolution is passed, your Tribe will be ineligible to receive grant funding.

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Please confirm the following:

  • Your Tribe has applied for or been granted FCC 2.5GHz spectrum
  • Your Tribe is not a current ATS member
  • Your Tribe is interested in joining ATS as a managed member and supporting funding efforts by ATS to bring ATN infrastructure and large subsidies to your community.
  • You can be authorized to make agreements for your Tribe

Now that you have 2.5 GHz spectrum, how do you maximize your revenue?

Benefits of being a member of ATS

Benefits include Tribal revenue, being a part of the ATN, chances for additional revenue, and more.

Benefits of being part of the ATN

Benefits include Tribal revenue, better equipment pricing, and more for your community.

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