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ATS Fundraising For Members

Fundraising For ATS Communities Last Mile Wireless Network Build Outs and Middle Mile Subsidies


The ATS mission consists of two parts:

  1. Leverage the FCC-awarded Tribal 2.5GHz spectrum to obtain last mile wireless infrastructure funding to create and expand a statewide Alaska Tribal Network (ATN) that will deliver sustainable, affordable “Broadband For All” everywhere in the State of Alaska.
  2. Obtain funding to significantly reduce the cost of middle mile for all rural Alaskans NOW.

ATS fundraising efforts seek to acquire infrastructure for its members by growing its membership to leverage one very large collective Tribal voice with a unified purpose of providing high quality, mobility capable, last mile wireless broadband everywhere in Alaska. This is part 1 of the ATS mission.

ATS currently manages the 2.5 GHz spectrum for over 100 Tribal areas. We are inviting any Tribe that has FCC spectrum to join ATS as a managed member to monetize their spectrum as a member community on the ATN using a last mile wireless 2.5 GHz solution. Once installed, it will connect to whatever middle mile can provide backhaul to the internet. If the community has fiber or microwave, the ATN will use it. If it doesn’t, ATS will work to buy down new satellite middle mile using LEO or GEO satellite bandwidth. This is part 2 of the mission. While part 1 gives every member the ability to easily distribute broadband wirelessly in their community, only part 2 of the mission delivers “Broadband For All” in Alaska. While fiber everywhere is the gold standard that ATS wishes for every Alaskan community, the reality is that over 60,000 rural Alaskans have no access to fiber and won’t for many years. People who live in rural Alaska should not have to wait while those in Alaska’s bigger cities get modern internet access. With all Tribes working together with one voice, we can solve the broadband problem for every Alaskan now.

If you are a rural community that joins ATS and builds the ATN in your community using your spectrum – fiber will come (sooner). Once your rural ATN community is thriving on satellite broadband, fiber is now a compelling proposition since there is a ready subscriber population that will easily benefit. The business model already exists.

The solution for all of us is to create as large of a collective Tribal voice as possible. Adding your community to the ATN is very easy to do. Join ATS as a managed member to be eligible to receive the ATN in your community as ATS raises funding to enable last mile buildouts. There is no cost to join and you give up no rights of spectrum ownership. There is no commitment other than having ATS manage your spectrum for use on the network, which will generate income for your Tribe and give you the many advantages on the network.

Raising Funding Together to Close the Digital Divide


Become a member of ATS

Benefits of being a member of ATS

Benefits include Tribal revenue, being a part of the ATN, chances for additional revenue, and more.

Benefits of being part of the ATN

Benefits include Tribal revenue, better equipment pricing, and more for your community.

 Current ATS Granting Activities

NTIA Broadband Grants

Recently, ATS applied for funding from the NTIA as part of the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program. We worked to apply with as many Tribes as possible with one focus – to deliver the infrastructure and middle mile connections so all of us everywhere in Alaska can enjoy affordable broadband. Together we will win a much larger and effective solution than if we all tried to work independently.

USDA Community Connect

The ATS has submitted an application for 5 ATS communities in Bristol Bay to supply the infrastructure and middle mile for these remote communities. ATS is anticipating award soon.

ATS will be support Reconnect 3 efforts in the future.


Other upcoming grants

ATS will be applying for other upcoming broadband related grants for equipment and services from the NTIA, and USDA and others. As an ATS member you will be invited to benefit as part of those applications.

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