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Member Benefits

What are the benefits of being an Alaska Tribal Spectrum member?

If you are not already an ATS member, and you own or have applied for 2.5GHz spectrum, you have the opportunity to join ATS as a managed member.

ATS is a Tribally-controlled nonprofit that manages a large spectrum area in Alaska, that will be used on the ATN to generate revenue for the use of that spectrum for the benefit of each community in ATS. The original membership in ATS joined because it greatly simplified their responsibilities to manage the spectrum and to apply for significant grant funding. ATS members are automatically included in ATS applications for grants to provide infrastructure or broadband subsidies that will maximize the revenue for ATS spectrum communities. ATS writes and submits the grants for its members. But each member also has the ability to participate in the governance of the spectrum because all ATS members have the right to nominate and vote for representatives on the ATS Policy Board. There are many other benefits to being a member as listed below. There is no cost.

ATS has recently applied for significant NTIA funding, including last mile infrastructure and significant middle mile satellite subsidies for rural Alaskans throughout the state. With a large collective 2.5 GHz wireless spectrum, we are proposing to install a statewide ATN that creates the opportunity to deliver affordable broadband everywhere to generate maximum revenue for each member Tribe. We worked to apply with as many Tribes as possible to greatly increase our chances to be awarded and bring affordable broadband to every unserved and underserved community in Alaska NOW.

Becoming a managed member simply means you will agree to let your spectrum be managed by ATS in conjunction with other ATS spectrum to expand the ATN. You will receive all of the benefits and opportunities for income for the use of your spectrum. You will give up no rights. You will still be the license owner of your spectrum. You also have the option to agree on a spectrum management services agreement with ATS without joining ATS, but you would not have the right to be represented in Policy Board matters which manage the ATN policies across the state, or share in other future income. For these reasons, we encourage you to become a managed member by following the simple process on this website. Together we have a much stronger voice to maximize our collective grant awards.

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As an ATS member you can enjoy all of the following benefits ATS provides.

1. Your community is part of the Alaska Tribal Network (ATN).

The ATN is a wireless Tribally governed 2.5 GHz last mile network of communities that delivers affordable broadband throughout Alaska.

2. Your community will generate revenue from spectrum data usage on the ATN.
All ATS members will earn revenue for spectrum managed by ATS. If you are not already an ATS member, and you own or have applied for 2.5GHz spectrum, you have the opportunity to join ATS as a managed member. This will allow you to be paid when data flows on your spectrum. As a managed ATS member, you give up no rights of ownership in anything. Because the ATN offers affordable broadband, the spectrum is likely to be used frequently. This means your spectrum revenue benefit is maximized. This also means you earn income even when anyone who subscribes from any ATN community is in your community using your spectrum.
3. There are no costs or fees to be an ATS member.

Unless there are matching requirements for a particular grant opportunity, there is no cost for the opportunity to receive infrastructure, installation funding and ongoing revenue for your community when ATS is successful in raising funds. As an ATS member, you will be part of a large statewide Tribal consortium that is seeking success for all members. We are all stronger and can do so much more together.

4. Your community will be offered the chance to earn additional revenue.

As long as your Tribe meets the requirements, they can choose to be a Network Access Owner (NAO) or Virtual Service Provider (VSP) for their community and earn income.

5. ATS will apply for many grants to provide significant broadband middle and last mile funding for your community.

With a strong collective Tribal voice—ATS will apply as a Tribally-owned and controlled nonprofit for potential large grant awards and subsidies for its members. This significant funding will be used to install ATN infrastructure and reduce the cost of broadband access in ATS member communities.

For example, Alaska Tribal Spectrum has applied via a USDA Community Connect Grant to enable 5 Tribes in Bristol Bay with a wireless solution if awarded.

ATS has also applied for an NTIA Tribal grant to provide wireless infrastructure across all of Alaska that will bring affordable broadband access to rural Alaska.

6. Your Tribe has the ability to nominate and elect management representatives to the Policy Board.

The ATS Policy Board is made up of ATS Tribally-elected managers that maintain the network policies of the ATN. This ensures that the ATN is managed for the maximum benefit of all Tribal members who determine their own destiny.

7. Your community is poised to take advantage of mobility in the future.

As an ATS member, your community will be poised to take advantage of mobility in the future because the ATN is designed and built to enable 5G LTE capabilities. This means that broadband could be available on any network device anywhere in your community in the future within signal range, with minimal refactoring. Phone service may be offered by VSPs to allow for additional broadband services.

8. There are no Tribal requirements for network equipment maintenance.
  1. All ATS communities will be part of the ATN. Network equipment upkeep and management will be maintained by the Network Access Owners (NAO) to a standard required for top quality service. Unless the Tribe contracts to be the NAO, the Tribe need not provide any expertise or be responsible for any upkeep.
  2. Technical training/job skill training opportunities with local VSPs for Tribal members will be offered by the VSPs.
9. FCC "Buildout" requirements will be addressed for your community.

ATS will use its best efforts to seek funding for your community buildout requirements. FCC-required reporting is done by Alaska Tribal Spectrum with the FCC. The Tribe has no reporting requirements of any kind. ATS will communicate license-related updates and status in a timely manner.

10. ATS is responsive and aware of time-sensitive broadband opportunities and industry trends.

ATS will supply a consistent Tribal voice to ensure ATS member broadband issues and needs are addressed at state and federal levels and that you are kept up to date. As broadband funding, education, and training opportunities arise, ATS will contact its members to invite their participation.