Alaska Tribal Spectrum

The FCC offered FREE 2.5 GHZ Radio Spectrum licenses to ALL eligible rural Alaska Tribal entities that applied before September 2nd, 2020.

The highly successful Alaska Tribal Spectrum application effort resulted in the reservation of spectrum coverage for over 80 tribes throughout Alaska. 

We exist for the benefit of all rural Alaska Tribal entities, and a large number of tribes joined ATS and were included in our application. We are proud and honored to have played a significant role in obtaining this valuable generational asset to benefit so many tribes in Alaska.


The on-going primary mission of the Alaska Tribal Spectrum nonprofit is to seek funding to supply middle mile and 5G capable last-mile network infrastructure that satisfies FCC required goals for the spectrum to enable access to affordable broadband in member villages and surrounding areas where they have a presence.

The Alaska Tribal Spectrum will manage the spectrum with the input, and to the collective benefit, of all of its tribal members. How the spectrum is applied for use by each member tribe will be controlled by the member tribal leadership. We understand that there was some unintentional overlap with other non-Alaska Tribal Spectrum tribal applications, and we are working to resolve them with the tribal leadership in the affected areas.

There are many benefits to being an Alaska Tribal Spectrum member.

If you have questions, you can visit our help page, or see the answers to our frequently asked questions. You can also contact us here.

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